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An adventure in red

Red interior
Passionate red   For people who want to go beyond the obvious and anonymous

Red is a positive colour. It represents physical energy, confidence, and courage. It is the colour of passion and action. But if you're too passionate about it you can easily go too far and create an agressive mood.

Red black whiteOne of the timeless, clean, modern and calm colour schemes - and a designer's favourite - the black and white scheme, somethimes can be so clean it borders with boring. If you feel a call to action, a few red details is exactly what you need. By incorporating red accents into your black and white space, you can draw the focus to interesting, fresh and modern pieces without overdoing it. Be it a few red cushions here and there, maybe a lamp, or some other detail, red will breathe life into otherwise very straight and strict design.

Red beigeWhat to do with a beige room? Some designers just can't stand it because it's lifeless, but let's face it: this is a safe colour that will sell your space with little effort because it is appealing to all people that don't dare to experiment with other colours. It is so safe that it just calls for other colors to step in and make things more interesting. Introduce red. With just one red element the whole space will look totally different: still very safe and neat, but lifted to another, fresh and brighter level.

Red bedroomWhile thinking about passion, one of the ideas that may come to mind is to paint bedroom walls red to wake up sensuality and excitement. This is also a sure way to create an "eveybody invited" mood. Big red areas in the bedroom is the last thing you need. So have a light hand and think red details first, paint later. A few pictures with red details, red patterned bed linen, or a white and red bedroom night stand - such a fresh idea! - will make the room look overal red, exactly as you wished for.

Red white blueRed-white-blue is a nautical decorating colour scheme used across both sides of the English Channel and favorite on the streets of England - those are national colors after all - but also in pittoresque homes in Normandy. Red fits nicely with blue and it should be kept in balance, without each of them being dominant. With a wide touch of white you can create very airy and interesting space, modern and traditional at the same time - and colours safe - that all generations would love equally.

Red kitchenA modern red kitchen is a kitchen with high-gloss elements. That sounds like a definition but let's stop for a second and repeat this once again: "red is a strong colour". Just one piece can make any space look overall red. But you have a traditionally designed kitchen, nice, warm and inviting and you can't imagine it "feeling red". You may keep your old elements, we love them too, and add just one strong detail. A high-gloss red fridge, for example. It will lift the overall look more than you can imagine and make you enjoy it every time you enter the kitchen.


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